Category: Delhi and Rajasthan, India, December, 2013 with a short stay in Dubai

This section centers around our trip to India from December 3rd, 2013 through January 3rd, 2014. We flew from California to Dubai, stayed in Dubai a few days, then flew to India. We volunteered with a group called Cross Cultural Solution for two weeks. We worked at a school in the slums of Delhi. After that we traveled through Rajasthan for two weeks. We loved India. We travel a lot and this was my son’s and my favorite trip of them all.

Happy New Year, 2014, it is the New Year in India. Love to all. I hope you have the most wonderful year ever! My resolutions this year all center around writing. I have a children’s series I want to get going, and I want to send Earth and Space to my editor. I am 1/3 done with that. It is the big project. Oh yes, and I want to write a couple of magazine articles. I am working on, “Learning about Science”, for the magazine The Homeschooler, now.

Cheers to all, Egashegadrei, Phir Malingee, Blair