About This Blog

Hi, I am Blair lee and this is my blog, blairleeblog. This blog will have articles about all the things I enjoy. I am a writer, a scientist, I homeschool my son, and I love to travel. There will be articles about all these, plus more as the mood strikes me. My hobbies are reading, cooking, gardening, acting, hiking, and skiing. This year I taught a biology co-op class for homeschoolers. I will also be writing here about how to use my books in a co-op setting.

melodrama A melodrama in a little theater group in Bridgeport, CA

skiing Skiing with friends at Mammoth Mountain, CA: That’s me on the left

I love to write, which is a good thing since I write science textbooks and a blog! I have written Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 and Biology 2. I have written articles for The Homeschooler magazine too.
I am writing RSO Astronomy and Earth Science 2 now. After that I plan on writing RSO Chemistry 2. I have plans for other books too. Writers LOVE to write! I have written since I was young and I never stopped.
text 3 text 2 text 1 Here are my books.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I am a scientist and a writer. I have two bachelors, both from UCSD, one in biology and the other in chemistry. I also have a masters in chemistry from UCSD. After graduating with my masters, I taught at several community colleges in San Diego, CA. I taught chemistry and human heredity. I really loved teaching. I advise anyone who is getting a degree in chemistry to make sure and at least pick up a masters before graduating. If you do, you will always be able to get one of the best jobs ever, teaching chemistry at community college!

My first semester of college (many years ago) I took an English composition class, a speech class, a biology class, and an algebra class. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in, so I started by trying out one of each possible thing I liked enough to major in. (The admissions counselor talked me into the speech class. She taught it, and I think needed to get her student numbers up.) I didn’t like the English class, because I thought the grading was too subjective. I couldn’t see what I would do with a math degree other than teach, which (LOL) I didn’t want to do. I fell in love with science in that biology class. Actually my love of science started in my high school biology class. My teacher’s name was Sue Curley, and she was awesome.

I have homeschooled my now 14-year-old son since 1st grade. I pulled him out of traditional school after kindergarten. To say someone is homeschooled can be quite broad as to how that is implemented. This blog will talk about what homeschooling means to my son and me. My son is in 8th grade. This too is a formality, all I mean by that is he will start college as if he started high school in 2014

I like to think of it as if I am giving my son a handcrafted education. I will be talking about this a lot on the homeschooling part of my blog. I have an article coming out about what this means in the magazine The Homeschooler, and I will be talking about handcrafting an education at the HSC Conference, a homeschool conference, this summer, 2014.

My purpose with homeschooling has been to give my son a more academically rich education than is available through traditional school, to craft something unique. Homeschooling at its finest is about an education handcrafted for the passions, strengths, and weaknesses of each student. For my son it is a college bound path. It’s a lot of work, but I value education enough to take the time, energy, and effort to thoughtfully gift him with an education designed especially for him.

A Homeschooling Scientist
Secular scientist homeschooler is not an oxymoron. I get out and about in the homeschooling community and there are more of us than most people think. Some people are open about it, and some people lean over and whisper to me that they teach secular science, or that they teach evolution, or that they are not a religious homeschooler. Why, oh why, does it have to be one or the other? Here is my last word on this subject, at least here. Evolution happens whether you believe in it or not. It is a fact that evolution occurs; the theory part is how it happens.

I am a scientist. I am not a philosopher and I won’t pretend to be. One of the things I love about science is its truth. Just like in my books, the science on this blog will be secular. I don’t mean “neutral” secular either. Neutral science is a term that drives me crazy. In the homeschool community “neutral” science has come to mean science where they don’t write about or teach science that is “controversial”. These are biology courses that do not give the scientific explanation for how all organisms came to be, or astronomy courses that do not explain how all matter came to be, in other words no evolution or big bang. In my opinion people who write and teach this type of science are not neutral at all. It isn’t neutral to take out the parts that offend you or your customers. The only truly neutral science is science that leaves all the parts of science in it, especially those parts that are major theories. In fact I write neutral science. I write science textbooks that have the theories, models, and facts that give the best explanation for scientific observations at this time. Science by its very nature is neutral.

I love to travel. My son and I are vagabonds at heart, me more than him. If my husband did not get homesick after a month we would be home a lot less. My son starts to miss his beloved pug as well.
jez My son’s beloved pug, Jezabel

I keep a daily journal about our trip when I travel. Before the trip to India, I journaled about my trips on Facebook. I might move the journals from those trips to my blog, but where would I find the time?!? My son is 14 and he has been to 15 countries, some just briefly, but others for a week or more.

A few travel photos

moher The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

eiffel tower On the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower behind us: This was the trip where I decided to write my chemistry textbook.

peru My son, Sean, jumped while skiing about a week before our scheduled trip to Peru. The plan was that we would all hike to Machu Picchu along the Santa Teresa Trail. Sean rode a horse, and everyone else hiked.

gettyburg Memorial Day, 2013, Gettysburg: We drove around visiting historical sites on the East Coast of the US to close out our year of studying American History

ukraine I love castles. I stand in castles and daydream about what it would have been like to live in the castle when it was thriving, vibrant, and alive. This castle is in the Ukraine. We were there for my stepson’s wedding. That is my daughter-in-law on the left. She met my stepson while she was in the US on a student visa working over the summer. He was house-sitting for us near where she worked while we were in Ireland.

pecs Pecs, Hungary. I learn a bit of the language before traveling to a country. That is except Hungary. All I can say in Hungarian is Egeshegadrei, “Cheers”.