Leaving for Spain: 20 Days Out

I have been casually planning for our upcoming trip to Spain. There are some things that I take care of before we leave. but most of our trip we leave unplanned. When I travel I am constantly asking people, “If you could tell someone one thing they should do or see in your  country, what would it be? I do not want to hear the touristy answer. I want to hear where you would go, or what you feel is the quintessential thing to see or do in your country.”

I have already booked where we are going to stay our first nights in Barcelona. We never go on a trip without the first three nights booked. For those nights I look for somewhere we will be able to rest and get over jet lag, so not the place that is known for its disco bar ;-). When we travel we try to find places to stay and visit that are off the beaten path. We are not always successful. When we were on a trip to France, we got hopelessly lost outside of Chartres on a rainy night. Sean was fussing in the back; he was 7 at the time. Jim and I were finding it impossible to read street signs driving past at 60 km/h, and Ibis was the best we could find that night.

Primavera sound

I was having a bit of trouble booking a place in Barcelona, and it was making me a little nervous. It wasn’t until someone told me we were going to be there during one of the largest music festivals in the world that I understood why. We don’t usually travel in summer, but because of the rowing season that’s when we’re going this year. We did manage to book a very nice flat (more on that in 20 days). Tickets have been purchased of course! https://www.primaverasound.com/?lang=en.

I will admit something to all of you, I have a very healthy imagination. I am a lifelong bookworm, and I often imagine myself in the pages of a book I have read. With that in mind it should come as no surprise that if I am traveling to Spain there were two things I absolutely am going to see and do. I absolutely am going to visit places where the Moorish, Jewish, and Christian faiths/cultures existed together. And I absolutely am going to sail from Gibraltar to Morocco, imagining what it was like to flee there during the Jewish diaspora in 1492.


After much research we are sailing to Ceuta, the autonomous Spanish city in North Africa, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceuta, and not Tangier. That is because we  want to get right to Chefchaouen, Morocco, the blue city, and Ceuta is closer to it than Tangier is. I already booked our stay for Chefchaouen as well. All these photos are from the internet. In 20 days they will be our photos. I can’t wait.

city of Chefchaouen