A Handcrafted Education, a Brief Video Interview

Of course I was early to my talk at HSC. I am always early for those sorts of things. I was curious about what was going on in other rooms around me. I began talking to the woman in the room across from mine, and she asked me if I wanted a short video about what I was going to talk about. I said sure. And here it is. I will be talking about this in more detail at the N.A.S.H. Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 5-7, 2014. I hope I see you there. I will also be giving a talk on starting a science co-op.

I want to thank, Ann Zeise, who runs A2Z Home’s Cool linked to http://a2zhomeschooling.com and Dox Doxiadis for this.

This summer I have been on the road giving three different talks. The third topic I have been talking about is, “Learning Science, Homeschooling and Science a Winning Combination.” That talk has been recorded. Here is the link: Homeschooling and Science a Winning Combination

LOL, what did I think when I watched the clip? Why did I let my son talk me into PINK! nail polish, I had the worst cold sore and it is making me smile funny, and my hair needs to have three inches taken off the ends. My son and husband think I am nuts. Women!