Homeschooling and Science Talk

RSO Chemistry 1, Blair Lee M.S.
RSO Chemistry 1, Blair Lee M.S.

This is a talk I gave on August 7, 2014 for the Homeschool+ Conference. In this talk I discuss the best and most effective way of learning science. I also discuss the reasons for getting a good science education. In addition to learning how the natural and physical world works, there are other benefits to learning science. I discuss these as well. This talk is geared toward homeschooling parents. This talk relates to my Learning Science article on this blog, but there is new material in it. I hope that after listening to this, if you were not already, you become inspired to facilitate the learning of science for your child.

RSO Biology 2
RSO Biology 2 Blair Lee M.S.

Here is another link, because the slides are not very clear on my blog. I do not know how long the talk will be up at the link below, though.