Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 Review

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real science odyssey review

I’m married to a scientist, he’s a desk jockey by day and science nerd by night. He’s even writing his own series of hands-on science books. Science is something we live in our house and when search for a science curriculum I have several things that are on our mandatory list.

Any science curriculum brought into our home must:

1. Meet the needs of multiple learners of varying ages

2. Be hands-on and high-interest

3. Be affordable with labs that use common items

4. Be published by a company that takes a firm stand on the Creationism Vs Evolution debate, isn’t afraid to disclose it, and teaches evolution.

Does Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 accommodate multiple learners of varying ages?

R.S.O. Chemistry 1 is designed for elementary-aged learners, roughly grades 2-5. I’ve been using it with Miss Dreamer (11), Mister Man (9), and Mister Giggles (7), with Miss Universe…

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