Eye sight and microgravity


This article is about the effects of space travel on vision; it is not good. It turns out we have evolved to function best for conditions on Earth, and some of our organs are more sensitive than others to conditions that are different from Earth’s, like microgravity. I kept thinking of Geordi LaForge’s visor when I read the article. Then I started wondering about what conditions would cause natural selection away from this sensitivity. First there would have to be a way of identifying people whose eyes were not damaged from the effects of microgravity. These people would have to be able to produce offspring. It would help if they produced offspring, AKA had children, with other people whose vision was also not effected by microgravity. It sounds quite clinical doesn’t it? And it is. It isn’t guaranteed to work either. The article does suggest the possibility creating artificial gravity. This is done by spinning the spacecraft. If this was done for 8 hours during sleep it might help. That sounds like a barf-a-rama to me, but you won’t find me on the rides at the fair either.