I am speaking at the California Homeschool Network Conference, 2014

Blair Lee

I think a lot about Learning Science. That is one reason I write science textbooks!
I think a lot about Learning Science. That is one reason I write science textbooks!

California Homeschool Network Conference, 2014

Science and homeschooling go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, coffee and cream… Of all academic subjects, science is the one that is the best fit for the homeschooling environment. Why? Because science is best taught where there is the time and space to ponder, research, explore, and get up and experiment. With the right tools and support you do not need a science degree either. All you need is a willingness and desire to have your child learn how the natural and physical world works. This talk will focus on how you would go about facilitating the learning of science in your home.

RSO Chemistry 1RSO Biology 2 Teacher's Guide

I will also be talking about A Handcrafted Education

Homeschooling at its finest is about an education handcrafted for the passions, strengths, and weaknesses of each student. This unique path, when done right, leads to a superior education. This workshop looks at how you go about creating a handcrafted education. Handcrafting does not mean without a recipe. I will discuss how to create a recipe that results in a person who has a good background to the foundational fundamentals of core subjects, even the “boring” ones, who experienced the joys of learning while exploring their unique interests and talents.

Come see me there. It is in Torrance, California on June 19th through June 22. Both talks are on Friday, June 20th. One is at 11:30 and the other is at 3:30. I will do my best to have Real Science Odyssey books for you to look at. The talk is not specific to RSO, but I am biased, I think it is the best science curriculum!