Sean’s great night’s sleep

Aaah, what a great night’s sleep 😌 no disturbances. “Oh I missed my bed.” This is my thought process before I open my eyes, but 😟 it’s still dark! No pitch black! I can’t see my hands in front of my eyes. Oh no problem, it’s probably just early morning. I think “I’ll go got on my computer see if any friends are up really late, or early. The problem was that when I got to the kitchen and the microwave said 11:17 I was shocked. Mostly because I was still half asleep; I thought it was 11:17 am and you have no idea how freaked out I was. Once I finally figured out what was up (in like 30 seconds) I tried to go back to sleep. Yeah, that’s not happening. Now I’m stuck staying up all night, then probably sleeping for 50% of the day. Oh yeah, and my mom woke up about 10 minutes after me so we’re hanging out while I write this blog. I never thought I would get to pull an all nighter with my mom… it’s so cool.