Sean Blog 2 -Sean Lee

So to start I didn’t like Dubai. In my eyes all there was were rich people who were rich at the expense of poor people. It made me feel conflicted, because there was a 7 star hotel I saw that I wanted to stay in one day, but then there were the poor people, who couldn’t even live with their families, working to make it all happen. There was no middle class only rich and poor. Woman had no rights; it disgusted me. Many men were strange and awkward around my mom because they had no idea how to deal with women who behaved as if they were equal. Everything seemed fake, and they said that they used 2 1/2 million gallons of water a day to keep it green and a paradise like they were proud of it. It was horrid; we never met a native woman the entire time because they were in the house like quote “they should be”. The native men never had to work because they get paid by the government and we had been told that all they do all day is play with camels, horses, and goats. They only let people into the country who would do the work. We met two people from Pakistan who had to leave their families there so they could work here. I did like some of the people we met. It was fun shopping in the souk, except when they dragged me into their shop to buy things. Literally dragged me. The food was good, and the clothes the people wore were cool. I really liked the people at the hotel, and even when my mom was getting kind of angry about the room situation, I liked it all. I liked the hotels, rooms, and people there. But at the end of it, I can’t get away from how their culture is to women. I don’t like it, the way they treat women.