the Call to Worship, Day 2, Dubai, 12/4/13


Here I am dressed to go out and check out what happens during the Call to Worship. The call is broadcast, and then the service is as well. The entire thing lasts about 30 minutes and sounds quite lovely. When we came back the concierge asked me if we were Christian, and I said we were not religious. I decided that was the safest response in this Muslim country. I don’t talk about religion at home. I am not going to start here. He was pretty surprised. He said, “But where are you from?” I said the US, and he said, “I know there are Christians and Jews and Hindis, but not religious?” I told him we had that too. I wish I had told him he was forgetting Muslims in his list of religious groups in the US. The boys would not let me out without one of them either. It felt weird to Sean to be in charge of me. But we got a lot of stares too. I had decided we should stay in the old historic district and there were no women alone on the streets.