The Other Side of the World

Last night as we were headed to bed I informed Sean that it was noon, do pahar, in Delhi. How do you prepare for a time change like that? We stop for 3 nights in Dubai, which is 12 hours ahead of PST, and then head to Delhi which is 13 1/2 hours later than California. India is one of only a handful of countries that uses an off hour time as compared to the rest of the world, as a side note: Afghanistan is another.

But back to the problem at hand. We have been busy with school this past week. We will start preparing for this tomorrow on Sean’s 14th birthday, AKA Thanksgiving. How do we start getting ready for that kind of time shift? I have gone back and forth about whether we should start staying up later or going to bed earlier. Sean of course has his mind set on staying up later. He probably envisions some caffeine induced game-playing marathon.

I of course am just doing the math and realize that 10 1/2 hours is the direction we want to head. Except we spend 3 days in Dubai which is exactly in the middle. I am sure I will figure this out today. What does this mean for all of you? “Don’t call me at midnight, I mean noon.”