Isn’t That When Christmas IS????!!!!! by Sean Lee

So, when I first found out that I was going to India in December, I reacted like a somewhat normal teenager, “What… But… But that’s during CHRISTMAS. ” Yes I forgot that we were going to INDIA! over a holiday where a little fat person comes down your chimney (if you have one), or your vent (if you don’t), eats your cookies, drinks your milk (with or without soy), gives you stuff that you will almost immediately forget about, then you whine about how someone in your family got you socks, and then you stuff your face with food that will make your blood sugar go up to the roof of your house with little lights all over it, and you fall asleep with contented feelings. L… O… L (laugh out loud for those of you who aren’t that text savvy).

I started taking Hindi lessons, eating Indian food, and learning about the culture and it was actually pretty cool.  Let’s just say my Mom is a little better… well a little more than a little well… maybe a lot more than a little better at speaking Hindi then my Dad and me. Let’s just say it takes a certain amount of devotion that we don’t have. My Mom has to be our mouth and ears, because ours are not that well-developed, like a baby’s. You see my Mom is a scientist… and as soon as possible she found out what shots we needed, what were common illnesses, and all the dangers. Then she started getting on my case because I chew my fingernails because when I do I put germs in my mouth. My parents have made it a matter of if they see my chewing my fingernails while on my computer swoosh it’s gone and let’s just say, I love my computer.

Now it is supposedly very hard not to get sick in India, oh great. This reminds me of Peru when I got so sick I had to drink three bottles of water and pure electrolytes while going over 15,673 feet, by the way, not fun.

So my birthday is coming up pretty fast. My parents thought it would be great if I buy MYSELF some souvenirs that I thought were great too. “Yeah, I heard that video games are cheaper there!” Man, I can’t wait to get an Indian COD Ghost haha, but that was mostly a joke. (Mostly)

Well I will have to report back when I’m in India.